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Getting the best broadband deal from VirginMedia

Getting the best broadband deal from Virgin Media

Do you know how what speed your broadband connection is running at? When was the last time that you queried your broadband bill? Is there a better deal available for you? Most broadband users don’t know the answers to these questions but, with a little simple research and by asking the right questions, broadband, phone and television package bills can be reduced significantly and easily.


Virgin Media are like any other big service provider. The best deals go to new customers. That makes sense because good deals are what attract new customers. Unfortunately, once a twelve month contract has been signed, it’s so easy to forget about it. How many Virgin Media (and other broadband providers) customers just let their contract roll on from month to month? What you are paying for might not be the best deal you could get for your money.

The current minimum broadband speed offered by Virgin Media is 50 Mbps. It may come as no surprise that many of their customers are on an older 30 Mbps contract. When did you take out your Virgin Media contract? If it was two years or longer ago, you might be able to get faster speed just by asking. Virgin Media claim that they are upgrading all of their customers but are doing it “manually” – this means they won’t get round to you for a long time (unless you are very lucky!)

Test your broadband speed here.

Test your Internet connection speed at

Call 150 from your Virgin Media phone (or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone) and tell them you are thinking of leaving Virgin Media. Ask to speak to the the Customer Retention Department. You might find yourself in “hold limbo” for a while but, once you get through, you’ll be speaking to someone who actually wants to keep your business. The person you are speaking to will be really attentive and helpful.

The best policy is to be be open about the reasons for your call. You want to spend less money and have the same services. The following points can be made:

  • You want faster broadband speeds.
  • Other service providers are offering better deals at much lower prices – if you have time, look up some prices offered by other service providers such as Sky or BT. Use a popular comparison website to compare prices.
  • You have seen better deals for new customers on the Virgin Media website.
  • You are planning to switch to another provider unless Virgin Media make you a better offer.
  • You are happy to stay if you get a better deal.

The Customer Retention Assistant will go over your account and look for ways of saving money. You may have features on your phone account that you aren’t using – are you paying for cheap international calls that you don’t make? If you are out of your minimum contract agreement time, they’ll find you a new deal. You can be pretty certain that your new deal will be much cheaper.

Case study
CT was paying Virgin Media approximately £62 per month for a 30 Mbps broadband package, phone and TV. After calling, CT had a new eighteen-month contract, paying £42.99 per month for the first six months and then £49.99 for the remaining twelve months. CT was also given 100 Mbps broadband for this price. This speed increase happened instantly. CT could have taken the 50 Mbps speed at a slightly lower cost. This means that CT is saving £20 per month over the next six months and then just over £10 per month for the remaining twelve months. CT was even given a partial refund for the current month because the cheaper deal started immediately. That’s a big saving for the price of a little time on the phone.

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