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Getting the best broadband deal from VirginMedia

Getting the best broadband deal from Virgin Media

Do you know how what speed your broadband connection is running at? When was the last time that you queried your broadband bill? Is there a better deal available for you? Most broadband users don’t know the answers to these questions but, with a little simple research and by asking the right questions, broadband, phone and television package bills can be reduced significantly and easily.


Virgin Media are like any other big service provider. The best deals go to new customers. That makes sense because good deals are what attract new customers. Unfortunately, once a twelve month contract has been signed, it’s so easy to forget about it. How many Virgin Media (and other broadband providers) customers just let their contract roll on from month to month? What you are paying for might not be the best deal you could get for your money. Continue reading Getting the best broadband deal from Virgin Media

Should you use a free website provider?

Should you use a free website provider?

Clients often question the price I quote for website design and build. They point out that they can get a free website online. Companies that provide these services offer a very quick way to get a site or online shop up and running. My clients are right about that. They really are.

What my clients don’t realise is that no matter what they build and how they design their site using the tools offered by the free website provider, they do not own the code behind the site.

“What do you mean?”

Free website providers allow you to build your website using their tools. They use theme templates that satisfy most needs. The themes are usually simple yet effective. You can add features and widgets to your site if the service provider offers them. This is not in question.

Problems arise when your needs outgrow the services offered. The five free products that you are allowed to display in your free website shop might not be enough this time next year. Hopefully, your business is going to grow. Your website will have to grow with it.

Justonsite web design code

Your choices will be become very clear. You will have to either pay to display more products in your website shop or you will have to take your business elsewhere. Only you can’t. You really can’t. The free website that you have isn’t yours. You might spend hours and hours tweaking your site and improving it, but when it comes to moving it, you can’t. You have no access to the site code. It’s not portable. The free website providers bank on you agreeing to their monthly fees for an enhanced product. They want you to stick around and keep paying. This is their business model.

It’s a little like changing your mobile phone service provider. You can keep your phone number – that’s yours – but once you have switched, you can no longer use their mobile telephone network. The mobile telephone network is still there but you can no longer access it. You have to pay someone else for the same services.

Some free website providers will allow you to register a free domain – this is better than using some thing like www.somefreewebsiteprovider/sites/ – but if you try to move away from them, it can be quite difficult to transfer ownership of your domain name. That’s right! They own it. You might be forced to pay up or start from scratch – and this really would be from scratch. Don’t get your website domain through a free website provider. Website domains are very cheap. Always make sure that you own your domain. Always!

You want people to find your website so that they can buy your products and services or read what you have to say but free website providers offer very basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services. SEO is crucial and is much more involved that simply submitting your site to the big search engines. Unfortunately, this might be the limit of SEO that free website providers offer. A properly built website will have inbuilt features that enhance SEO.

just onsite SEO

Some free website providers place adverts on your free site or there will be a banner across the screen that advertises their services. The adverts and banners seem rather unprofessional and they don’t enhance your site. They add nothing. You can easily get rid of these adverts and banners but you’ll be forced to put your hand in your pocket again. Your free website is starting to cost more and more.

You should also check how much web traffic your free website will be allowed each month. Is there a limit? If there is, you will only be able to increase the limit by – you’ve guessed it – handing over your bank details.

A business owner should also check the real cost of ownership with free website providers. What is their service and support like and do they charge for it? Perhaps they’ll have a premium rate telephone line. Kerching! Also, you can be pretty certain that free web providers don’t spend a lot of their cash on security services. If you are unable to modify your web site to include SSL, anti-spam and anti-hacking software, then your website might be wide open to spammers and hackers. You really don’t want that hassle. You need to be spending time focusing on your business.

Free website providers serve a purpose but they are free for a reason. They do not come without a cost. A bespoke website doesn’t need to cost as much as you might think. A bespoke website can start small and can grow as your business grows. If you own your website, you can move it from hosting service to hosting service without penalty or extra cost (though there’s no reason why you would want to do this!) How long has your free website provider been around? Will they be around next month and if not, what will happen to your website?

If you’d like to discuss ways of avoiding free website providers and how much an affordable website would cost, contact us.

Laptop repairs in Bristol UK

Laptop repairs in Bristol UK

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Windows XP is out of date

Are you still running Windows XP on your computer in Bristol?

Did you know that Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April this year? This means that there are no more security updates and system updates. Microsoft are no longer issuing patches for system vulnerabilities. This means that your computer is unsafe.

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