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Windows XP is out of date

Are you still running Windows XP on your computer in Bristol?

Did you know that Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April this year? This means that there are no more security updates and system updates. Microsoft are no longer issuing patches for system vulnerabilities. This means that your computer is unsafe.

Windows XP

If you are still running Windows XP, your computer is vulnerable and open to attack. Computers running Windows XP are an easy target for virus attacks and malware. How safe is your computer? How safe is your data? Windows XP is no longer secure. No matter how careful you are when using your computer, you need to replace Windows XP as soon as possible.

do not use windows xp

There are ways to keep your computer running and safe at the same time. There are alternatives to Windows XP. You don’t have to go out and buy a brand new computer running Windows 8. This is what the computer industry would like you to do! Keeping your existing computer running and safe at the same time is perfectly possible.

windows xp is finished

If you are running Windows XP and you’d like to talk to someone about keeping your computer running safely, call 07723604479 or contact justonsite and I will get in touch to run through the different alternatives available to you.